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BEW Consulting & TrainingSM
performance driven, psychologically mindedSM
what we do

BEW Consulting & Training is a specialized professional development consultancy service offering companies a psychologically informed approach to professional development training. The BEW approach advances employees’ professional and personal growth, productivity, and well-being through in-person and virtual services.

BEW’s research-based approach utilizes two methods:

1) Deliver concrete skills to enhance professionals’ day-to-day performance, productivity, and profitability.

2) Teach professionals how to support and develop Emotional Intelligence skills that are critical for career success and growth.

The BEW Approach

Leadership Training

Leadership training services focus on enhancing employees’ ability to lead and manage individuals and teams. In a culture of accountability, it is not only important to accurately measure performance and progress, but also motivate employees by promoting professional growth and well-being. Brooke’s approach to leadership development includes training leaders in the organization to develop abilities to motivate those working with them. Specifically, learning concrete strategies to help employees overcome underperformance or difficulties implementing new strategies or skills. Additionally, Brooke will assist in the development and improvement of feedback procedures, helping to create more effective models for  providing employees feedback, and increasing employee accountability to achieving job performance goals.

Team Development & Building

By focusing on the individuals, we can shift the system as a whole. Training sessions focus primarily on how to improve team dynamics by increasing team members’ productivity, performance, and communication.  


Workshops target specific skills to enhance employees’ workplace performance, as well as their general mental wellbeing. Happier employees improve workplace culture. The BEW approach is three-fold. First, each workshop helps pariticpants better understand how current philosophies and ways of thinking is impeding one’s ability to act more skillfully, both inside and outside of the workplace. Next, employees learn specific skills to improve overall job performance and leadership abilities. Lastly, employees are taught to implement the strategies and skills being taught, as well as how to address any implementation roadblocks.

what we offer

leadership training

Through Leadership Training, employees, managers, and executives are taught Emotional Intelligence skills associated with successful leaders (e.g., self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy).

team development 

BEW’s Team Development services help employees learn skills to develop, manage, and support professional relationships.

skills-based workshops

Skills-Based Workshops cover a variety of topics, including: best practices for time management, effective communication, and stress management.

who we work with
select clients:


Brooke’s workshop was amazing! She took the time to understand exactly what our needs were and perfectly tailored the worksheets and exercises accordingly. My team is going into a very stressful time. It was helpful for them to feel prepared with skills and tools to manage their emotions, and other people's reactions, to the best of their ability."

— SoulCycle

who we are

Dr. Brooke Wachtler is a New York State licensed psychologist and also holds a New York State certification as a school psychologist. 


Today, Brooke is applying her knowledge and understanding of motivation, emotions, behavior, and personality to business, specifically to leadership and innovation. She is passionate about helping people to change their thought processes, actions, and behaviors to assist them in reaching their professional and personal goals.

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