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what we offer

All consulting engagements begin with a complimentary consultation to discuss which services are the best fit for your organization. This collaborative process includes discussing how workshops and training sessions can be customized for your company's specific needs. 


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workshop packages

BEW offers a variety of workshop packages, all of which will be customized to meet your company's goals.

  • Packages can range from a one-time workshop to multi-day training programs

  • Workshops can be delivered to an entire company or to specific teams within the organization 

training packages

Training packages are customized specifically to the company's needs.

  • Training packages include a combination of leadership training and team development programs.

  • Specialized skills-based workshops are created based on the company's goals and interests. 

BEW offers consultation services to clinicians who are looking to include REBT-based interventions in clinical research studies. 

consultation services
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