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the BEW approach

BEW Consulting & Training is a specialized professional development consultancy service offering companies a psychologically informed approach to professional development training. The BEW approach advances employees’ professional and personal growth, productivity, and well-being through leadership training, team development, and skills-based workshops.


*We offer services both in person and virtually

Leadership Training
leadership training

During leadership training sessions,  employees, managers, and executives learn concrete strategies to bolster their leadership and management skills, as well as gain strategies to promote performance and growth in themselves and their team members. Leadership training services include:

  • Developing more streamlined procedures for delivering performance feedback.

  • Learning how to diagnose and address performance and/or skill deficits that are impeding employees' work performance.

  • Practicing strategies to help enhance employees' motivation and engagement, as well as meet their performance benchmarks and goals.

team development 

By not only focusing on the team, but also on the team members, we can shift the way that the team functions as a unit. Team development sessions focus on improving team dynamics by targeting team members’ productivity, performance, and communication.  

skills-based workshops

During each skills-based workshop, participants:

1) Learn how to shift their mindset to act more skillfully, both inside and outside of the workplace.

2) Gain specific skills to improve their overall job performance and productivity.

3) Practice implementing these new  strategies, while simultaneously learning how to address any roadblocks that may arise when putting their new skills into practice.

Workshop topics include:

  • Time management and organization

  • Effective communication strategies

  • Maximizing life outside of the "office"

  • Stress management

  • Emotion regulation in the workplace

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