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Hey There!

Welcome to BEW Consulting & Training! I am incredibly excited to welcome you to the BEW community! This first blog will help to give you a better idea of WHO we are and WHAT we do.


My name is Dr. Brooke Wachtler, and I am a New York State licensed psychologist. I also hold a New York State certification as a School Psychologist. Put simply, I am a psychologist who has spent thousands of hours studying behaviors, emotions, and thoughts to better understand why we do what we do. BEW grew from my love of psychology, desire to help people, and expertise in helping professionals learn and succeed.

Prior to founding BEW, I practiced as a clinical psychologist. My specialty is in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), which is a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). In a nutshell, the goal of CBT is to help people reach their goals and resolve challenges by better understanding their thinking, feeling, and behaving and learning skills to improve their day-to-day life.

After some time practicing in a clinical setting, I thought, why wait for a problem to occur for people to seek out these strategies? Why not take these skills to the people? And, where do people spend most of their day…at work.

I realized that not only could I help people to reach their personal goals, but their professional goals too. That’s when the idea for BEW was born.


REBT rests on the premise that we feel how we think. Why is this good news? Well, this means that by changing the way we think about situations, we can change the way we feel about them, and in turn, react to situations in more helpful and productive ways. Why is this bad news for some people? According to the REBT model, when you tell your friend, “You made me so mad!” this statement is not exactly true (don’t worry, I wont tell your friend). Just as you can’t make others feel or behave a certain way (I know we have all tried), no one can make you feel or behave in a particular way.

Now What?

How does the BEW approach incorporate REBT into professional development you may ask? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out! Be on the lookout for blog posts and videos explaining the BEW approach in more detail, and how we can help you to use REBT to reach your professional and personal goals.

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